The Start

The light of a small fire danced in the eyes of the young man as the soft wind blew his hair across his face. It was a gentle wind. After the heat of the day, the night breeze felt good. Because he knew in the morning it would be hot again. He picked up a… Continue reading The Start

Stone of Hope

The deepest part of me where those unmentionable fears, hurts and sins hide. The place where the stone of hope, never is heard to hit the bottom. But of course, there is no echo of hope hitting the bottom. Because the depth of Jesus’ love goes deeper still. So; be still, be quiet listen for… Continue reading Stone of Hope


One of the first times I saw Patty I was visiting my daughter at her apartment in Norman, where she was attending the University of Oklahoma. As my daughter stepped out of the front door to meet me, a half grown black Labrador flashed by her on its way out the door.  This dog’s hair… Continue reading Patty


Driving home today from the Central Oklahoma Humane Society. I felt an odd feeling, like a gap had just been closed. A couple of months ago my dog Sara died after surgery that was meant to improve her life, instead, it ended it. I know that no one was to blame, these things happen. But… Continue reading Gaps